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Ivy league arent the only elite schools though. Berkeley is no worse and its public."Legacy kids" aren't exclusive to Ivy Leagues, but considering the comment this thread is about was by an Ivy League admissions employee I thought it pertinent. A letter for you | MIT Admissions

A Letter From An Ivy League Admissions Dean - Need to Know The Wall Street Journal: Brown University in Providence, R.I. houses one of the country’s most selective undergraduate colleges. The Brown Daily Herald, a student-run newspaper, cites Dean of Admission Logan Powell in reporting that the school received a record-high 32,724 applications this year, and admitted just 8.3% of applicants. memeorandum: A Letter From An Ivy League Admissions Dean ... A Letter From An Ivy League Admissions Dean — A young woman was accepted at Brown—and then the other note arrived. — Brown University in Providence, R.I. houses one of the country's most selective undergraduate colleges.

Ivy League schools are known for their elite academic performance as well as some famous graduates over the years.Sure, schools are looking for grades and great athletic skills, but Logan Powell, who is the dean of admission at Brown University, said he wants to know the passion behind these activities.

Seven Sisters (colleges) - Wikipedia The Dean of Admissions of Bryn Mawr College noted, "We still prepare a disproportionate number of women scientists [.. We're really about the empowerment of women and enabling women to get a top-notch education." Getting Rejected From Elite Universities » The College Solution Parents and teenagers are thrilled, for instance, if they get marketing material with a flattering cover letter from an Ivy League school, but it means absolutely nothing.

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The Ivy Dean provides students with step-by-step application help from former Ivy League admissions officers, including the former Ivy League Dean of Admissions, Drusilla Blackman. Drusilla Blackman and Chase Staub apply 40 years of Ivy League experience , including Harvard, UPenn, and Columbia, to get students accepted to top colleges. How Does Ivy League Athletic Recruiting Work? | Varsityedge The Ivy League eyes its athletic programs very carefully and are very particular about the high school athletes they accept and reject. As a league, the Ivy’s monitor athletic admissions via a concept called the Academic Index. The academic index is not a secret, but it’s not something readily discussed by coaches and administrators. Guidance Office: Answers From Harvard's Dean, Part 3 - The ... In 1983, I was a 14-year-old 9th-grader with indifferent grades planning to apply for admission after 10th grade, without graduation from high school. I wanted, of course, to see if I could get into Harvard, so I wrote their admissions office a letter explaining my situation and asking whether my age would be a problem for them. Ivy League Applicants | HowStuffWorks

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Brown University Letter | Ivy Coach College Admissions Blog Recently, a piece in “The Wall Street Journal” by James Freeman highlighted a letter that Brown University’s Dean of Admissions Logan Powell sent to an admitted student, as reported by “The Brown Daily Herald.” As Freeman writes, “Among those lucky few is the daughter of a Journal reader who is still trying to make sense of a letter ... Ivy League Admissions (2 Letters) - The New York Times

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